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About us and the Journey to Siyaphambili Telecoms

May 2004

UK Experience

In 2004 Malikah Mohamed and her husband Marawaan Mohamed ventured off to the UK seeking adventure. They were both fortunate to work for the same company Universal Telecoms ( now 5G Communications ), this is where they acquired skills in the telephony industry, Malikah was learning the admin side of the business whereas Marawaan became an engineer, Universal Telecoms trained him as an installer (network cabling, PABX installations, etc.)

May 2011

5G Communications SA

In 2011 they returned back to South Africa for personal reasons, with the hope of opening their own telecoms company, They started a company called 5G Communications SA in partnership with 5G communications UK. 5G Communications SA did installing and maintaining telephony, CCTV and access control for Willowton Group Cape Town and many more.  5G communications SA also landed a contract with Baran Engineering, building cellular base stations (Cell C) on a project where 700 sites had to be built in the Western Cape. A year and a half later, the Cell C Project was complete and Baran Engineering closed their Cape Town office. With their main client gone, it became tough and within less than a year this company closed.

May 2013

Plus27 comms CC

About 2 years later they decided to open Plus27 comms CC, and they had loads of work building (Cell C) cellular base stations (civil and technical installs) for companies called Projex CI, Hezeki Contracting and Aruno CC, due to late payments and in some cases no payments once again they were forced to abandon their dreams.


May 2015

Siyaphambili Telecoms

In 2015 they entered into a verbal agreement with China Comservice Solutions South Africa, they were on a project where Cell C was swapping out their ZTE equipment for Huawei equipment on all their Western Cape sites, so Malikah registered Siyaphambili Telecoms. The project was a big success and Siyaphambili was on the team that was awarded by Huawei – The Best Sub-Contractor, Western Cape Swap Project 2015. Since then Siyaphambili Telecoms has built numerous MTN and Telkom Cellular base station for China Comservice Solutions South Africa, Star com and Huaxin. Siyaphambili maintain and installs telephony, CCTV, IT software solutions and access control for  Willowton Group Cape Town, Synergy Gas and many more small to medium businesses.


If you have any questions or queries, either contact us on 021 745 1765 or simply leave a message below and we’ll get back to you.


B5 Arden Grove, Racecourse Rd,
Marconi Beam, 7447


Tel: 021 745 1765
Mob: 071 139 2866

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