PBX / PABX Systems in South Africa

Improve your business communications from start-up to enterprise.

Siyaphambili Telecoms is a Cape Town based telecommunications company offering PBX / PABX and VOIP systems to businesses across South Africa! With so many switchboard/PABX systems available on the market in South Africa, it can be difficult for businesses to select the telephony system that best fits their requirements. The PABX industry is in a transitional phase, moving away from traditional hardware based systems on its own network toward software-based systems that operate on a data network. So, when is the right time to make the move? How expensive are VOIP Telephony systems compared to traditional PABX systems? Are there any risks involved with investing in IP Telephony as opposed to PABX in South Africa?

The following factors will determine which system (PABX or VoIP) best suits your requirements:

  • Type of telephone lines e.g. analogue, BRI, PRI or VoIP
  • Number of extensions
  • Type of extensions e.g. analogue, digital, IP or remote users
  • Your telecommunications expenditure including fixed line, cell routers and inter-branch calls
  • Which PABX features your business requirements e.g. basic features only, call centre functionality, call recording, DECT and hospitality features
  • What networking and backup power infrastructure you have in place.

Siyaphambili Telelcoms will advise you on the PABX system that best suits your requirements. Contact us now for a consultation — obligation-free. Use the navigation on the left to view the PABX systems we have on offer.


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